Lush Veganese Conditioner


I am not very picky with my haircare, what usually drawn me to a hair products is usually the scent. I love the scent of the product. The lemon and levender is really nice and it lingers on my hair for at least a day.

The conditioner has a normal lotion consistency. It’s quite light and I need quite a bit of it to cover all my hair (almost double the amount of the Lush Rehab shampoo). It isn’t very moisturizing and it doesn’t really nourish my hair, but I like it because it doesn’t leave my hair greasy. I think this product will be great for people with oily hair.

I quite enjoy this conditioner along with the Lush Rehab Shampoo, especially for day to day use as it makes my hair feel very fresh.

Lush Veganese Conditioner
All-round lavender and lemon conditioner for all hair types. Our vegan customers have quite enough to put up with without having rough, dull, tangled hair. The majority of Lush products are vegan, but making a vegan conditioner without lanolin (from sheared sheep’s wool) took us a few years. Helen finally settled on using agar seaweed gel as a hair softener with lavender and lemons for shine. Vegans and everyone with fine hair should choose this one and stick with it.


Beauty News: Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil


Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil RRP NZ$19.90 (50ml)
Designed specifically to treat your hair and scalp with a regular hit of natural nutrients, Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil works synergistically to repair, nourish and promote healthy and luscious looking locks!

Included in this deeply-conditioning treatment are the very finest natural ingredients from biodynamic, organic and wild crafted suppliers. Organic rosemary leaf extract helps to strengthen dry and damaged hair, while organic burdock root extract revitalises and nourishes both hair and scalp.  

Suitable for use on wet or dry hair Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil can be used as a pre or post styling treatment.  It goes straight to work to restore moisture, soften split ends and add radiant shine. Dull lifeless hair is transformed from root to tip and left looking and feeling softer, smoother and more manageable, while the refreshing scent provides an overall sense of wellbeing.

1. Helps to repair dry hair
2. Provides intensive care for split ends
3. Retains and boosts hair’s natural shine
4. Ideal for a relaxing and calming scalp massage
5. Free of SLS, parabens, preservatives and artificial essences

For an immediate boost in shine and moisture to your hair’s appearance, use as an overnight replenishment treatment. Massage a small amount into scalp and brush through to ends. Wash out in the morning and style as usual. For a more intensive nourishing treatment, massage a cap full of Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil into your hair and scalp, cover with a shower cap and leave on for at least 40 minutes.  Shampoo or rinse out as desired.

For daily styling and conditioning care, apply a few drops to the ends of wet or dry hair, and leave in.

Lush Rehab Shampoo

imageUsually, when people go into a Lush store, they will be immediately drawn to their beautiful and colourful solid products like bath bombs, handmade soaps, solid shampoo bar, body butter bar etc. But if you ask me, I think their best products are all in bottles and black pots, like shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body cream, shower smoothie etc.

Lush Rehab Shampoo

Olive and jojoba oil shampoo to restore strength and flexibility to abused hair. Rehab is shampoo for hair which had been abused and needs some rest and relaxation. It doesn’t take long for this shampoo to restore your hair to youth and vitality. Enzymic papaya cleanses, while almond oil softens the follicles. Once your badly conditioned hair has been put into Rehab, you will never look back.

I’ve used this product for over about 2 months now, and I absolutely love it. You only need a little amount of it to create a rich lather up and it doesn’t leave my hair with any residue. It smells very fruity and lovely, and the scent lingers in my hair for awhile. 

After I rinsed the shampoo away, I usually follow by either a conditioner or a hair treatment to nourish my hair. I personally feel that the most important thing that a shampoo should do well is to clean, if it cleanse well, then it is a good shampoo. Other functions like nourishing or hydrating should be left for the conditioner or treatment to deal with.

I don’t usually use hair product on my hair, hence I cannot comment whether it is just as good for people who style their hair with hair products like clay, gel or hairspray. To find out whether this product is for you, I suggest you to go to a Lush store and ask for a sample.

I really like this shampoo and I think this 500ml bottle will probably last me till the end of this year!


Wella Professionals Enrich Straight Leave In Cream


I don’t normally like straightening balms as I’ve tried plenty of these balms out there in the market and they usually leave my hair hard and sticky. I’ve won this product from the bellyrubzbeauty giveaway and it is similar to the straightening balm I’ve used in the past. Although it doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky, however it does make my hair stick together when it is dried.

It has a similar texture as the Redken blow dry lotion, but they are completely different once applied to the hair. I applied this cream before I blow dry and straighten my hair with my straightening iron and it does keep my hair straight for the day. I definitely think these straightening creams/balms are best consider as hair styling products instead of a hair conditioning products.

Overall, I still perfer hair serums and hair oils for anti-frizz and keeping the hair soft, therefore I probably won’t repurchase this.

Wella Professional Enrich Straight Leave In Cream
Rich, moisturising anti-frizz cream that makes unruly hair soft to the touch. 150 ml

Massage into damp hair and comb through. Do not rinse. Style as usual.


Hair Products I’m Currently Using


I was born with un-manageable, frizzy, wire-like, curly, out of control hair. God bless whoever invented the GHD and permanent straightening! whoever you are, I just want to know you’ve saved my confidence.

I still remember, before the GHD and chemical straightening days, I used to put a hot towel on my head every single day before I go to school. It was my way to tame my curly frizzy hair. It didn’t work of coz, and in fact, the moisture of the towel makes my hair frizzier.

Anyway, since I’ve got my hand on my first GHD (which I am still using), I use it religiously. How often is religiously? every time I’ve washed my hair, which is around 3 times a week.

Putting my hair under intense heat for 3 times a week has certainly make my hair look dry, dull and damaged. It also breaks and splits very easily.

The following products were recommended by a hair stylist ages ago, one is a heat protectant to prep my hair before I apply any heating tools like the hair dryer and GHD and the other one is a serum for to tame any frizz on my hair.


Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow-Dry Lotion 150ml
Step 1 of every perfect blow-dry. The lotion preps hair for a fast, easy blow-out with silky smooth results. Satinwear protects against hair color fading and everyday hot tool use up to 450 degrees

  • Mild control lotion
  • Transforms hair to silk luxury
  • Helps reduce friction and breakage for faster, easier, stress-free blow-dry
  • Contains UV filters and antioxidants to help protect haircolor from fading
  • Heat-Guard Complex

I apply this lotion while my hair is still damp, then I blow dry my hair before straighten it with my GHD. It is extremely important to wait for this product to dry completely before using a straightening iron, or you will be pan frying you hair. It’s a great product, my hair feels soft, not sticky, and it doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. I can definitely feel the difference when I use this product.

The one in photo above was in the old packaging, the new packaging looks like this:

After I’ve straighten my hair, I will use 1-2 pump of the L’Oreal Lumi-Oil Smoothing Oil Essence on the ends of my hair. This hair essence has a serum consistency, and it makes my hair feel so smooth and shiny. It doesn’t make my hair greasy and it smells amazing! I like this a lot and I am down to the last few drops of it!

I’m about to finish these two products and will soon be in the hunt for replacement. Any recommendation?