Recipe: Kiwifruit Bircher Muesli


Subsequent to my last Apple Bircher Muesli, I have it almost 3 time per week for breakfast. My friend also tried my recipe and she is having for breakfast almost every day too. She told me she don’t like cinnamon, so she swap it with some dried fruits instead.

She gave me an idea to try some variation on my Bircher, so I’ve decided to use Kiwifruits and Almond Milk this time. The result was very creamy, however, it is not as sweet compare to the Apple Bircher.

1 cup of Oats (rolled/quick)
1/2 cup of Almond Milk
1/2 cup of Natural Greek Yogurt
2 Kiwifruits
Sprinkle of Ground Cinnamon
– make 3 small servings

Mixed all ingredients together and leave it in the fridge overnight (or at least an hour).


Recipe: Apple Bircher Muesli



I am currently in love with this recipe at the moment, I’ve had it for a few dayd in a row now. This is a great way to have oats for breakfast, especially for those who doesn’t like porridge (like me).

1 cup of Rolled Oats
1/2 cup of Apple Juice
1/2 cup of Natural Greek Yogurt
1 Large Apple (shredded)
Sprinkle of Ground Cinnamon

Mixed all ingredients together and leave it in the fridge overnight (or at least an hour). This is soooooo good!






Trilogy Hydra-Tone Softening Lotion



I was quite excited when I found out Trilogy released a new softening lotion. I have used a few Asian brand softening lotions before and I especially like Shiseido’s softening lotions. They are all very hydrating without leaving the skin greasy.

I have been using this Trilogy Age Proof Hydra-Tone for a few weeks now and I am impressed. The consistency is similar to a serum and it really hydrates my skin and make it look very plump and soft. It has a strong scent of ylang ylang.

I apply this product with my hands as I don’t think it will work that well with a cotton pad. On some days, I only apply this product as my moisturizer. I think this product will be great for oily skin.

The only downside ro this product is the packaging. Due to the product has a thick serum gel like consistency, I found it quite hard to dispense out of the hole of the bottle.

Trilogy Age Proof Hydra-Tone Softening Lotion (150ml) RRP NZ$39.90

NEW Trilogy Age Proof Hydra-Tone Softening Lotion is the latest innovation from natural skincare experts Trilogy.  A major skincare trend originating in the skin-science mecca of Asia, softening lotions are poised to become the next big thing. Trilogy’s certified natural version is the first cab off the natural rank and a beautiful product to use.

With a super-smoothing, satiny texture, Trilogy Age Proof Hydra-Tone Softening Lotion tones and conditions skin, promoting a healthy pH balance.  This certified natural gel-lotion completes the cleansing process while softening and hydrating the skin.

As a multi-tasking non-astringent botanical toner, it removes residual cleansing product and make-up (including eye make-up) without stripping the skin.  It is suitable for all skin types, and especially beneficial for dry, dehydrated or mature complexions.  Trilogy Age Proof Hydra-Tone Softening Lotion also saturates the skin with moisture, leaving nothing but a soft, clean feel and a radiant glow.

Known as ‘nature’s moisture magnet’, plant-derived hyaluronic acid plumps skin to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Marshmallow conditions while ylang ylang helps restore balance as you enjoy its sweet, exotic and relaxing fragrance. White tea delivers antioxidant protection and mulberry helps to brighten.



What’s a softening lotion?

Softening lotions are a new type of toner. Similar to traditional toners, they complete the cleansing routine by removing residual cleanser, impurities and make-up.

However softening lotions are totally non-astringent, leaving skin feeling immediately soft and hydrated. Bridging the gap between cleansing and moisturising, a softening lotion offers a little bit of each and more besides.

Wexler MMPI Skin Regenerating Serum


I purchased this product purely because it was highly rated by a youtuber. Not only I got drawn to this product by her review, but also by the size of the product and the lovely pink colour of the serum!

Although this product looks like a gel moisturizer with a vasaline consistency, it is in fact a serum! This product actually feels like a primer as it has a silicon texture. After application, my skin feels really smooth. Great for people who doesn’t like sticky or oily finish of a serum.

I am still waiting for it’s rejuvenating properties to kick i,n as I noticed a few lines appear around my mouth whenever I smile. Very concerning, but I will keep smiling. 🙂

Wexler MMPI Regenerating Serum (100ml)
MMPi actively rejuvenates skin’s surface at the structural level and measurably reduces lines and imperfections. MMPi•20™ anti-aging technology blocks the damaging effect of all 20 known MMPs, which are enzymes that cause skin to sink, sag, and wrinkle. This professional strength serum boosts skin’s own regenerative powers to diminish the visible signs of aging.

● Visibly reverses the lines, the sink and the sag of skin and helps maintain a youthful complexion
● Boosts skin’s own regenerative powers to diminish the visible signs of aging
● Visibly reverses the lines, sink and sag


MOTD: Brunch Date

Brunch date on a nice sunny day means happy mood. I decided to do a light smokey eyes to go will my casual cool outfit.

For the eyes, the trick is to use a greyish brown matt eyeshadow. I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Tough as Taupe. I love this colour to create smokey eyes, it is so buildable which makes it so easy to use.

For the lips, I only used Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant, because I want the focus to be on my eyes.
Products Used:
Eye shadow: Maybelline Color Tattoo (Tough as Taupe)
Eyeliner: Estee Lauder Eyeliner
Brows: Lancome Brow Pencil and MAC Brow Set
Blush: elf Blush
Lips: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant

Recipe: Strawberry Raspberry Yogurt Smoothie


Here’s another berry smoothie, but this time I didn’t use my favourite blueberry, but switch it to another combination which is strawberry and raspberry.

I’ve also used greek yogurt and a whole lot of other ingredients to make it fuller as I drink this as my breakfast. The cashew butter really made a huge difference on the overall taste. If you cannot find cashew butter, peanut butter can also do the trick!

Greek Yogurt – 5 table spoon
Fresh or frozen Strawberry – half cup
Frrsh or frozen Raspberry – half cup
Organic Soy Milk – 1 cup
Whey Protein Powder (Berry flavor) – 2 tablespoon
Chia Seed – 1 teaspoon
Ground LSA – 1 tablespoon
Milled Flax Seed – 1 teaspoon
Cashew Butter – 1 tablespoon

Blend well and serve!

Savar Antioxidant Night Cream


I remember I’ve got this moisturiser from a goodie bag of a health show. I haven’t heard about this brand at the time, but I thought I should give it a go because I love New Zealand and I love skincare, and this brand is a skincare brand from New Zealand! What not to love?

Savor natural skincare products are enriched with pure plant extracts and oils which are aim to rehydrate, nourish and restore our skin. They also promotes green economy and sustainability and therefore they packaging are made by easily recyclable materials (e.g. bottles and paper boxes).

This night cream comes out in a lotion bottle and it is very nourishing. It moisturise my skin quite well and it does’t works great even on days when my skin was sensitive. The one thing which I am not quite happy with is that it takes almost 30 seconds to absorb even I am massaging it in my skin. However, after the product has been fully absorbed, it felt really moist and hydrated.

Savor Antioxidant Night Cream
This rich, luxurious, anti-aging overnight moisturiser is especially beneficial for sensitive, mature or dry skin. Beautifully fragranced and uber-rich in anti aging antioxidants it will smooth, plump and replenish your skin leaving you with protected and healthy looking skin. Enriched with:

New Zealand blackcurrant seed oil – restoring, anti-aging, rejuvenating and rich in essential fatty acids.

Organic pomegranate – one of natures best anti-aging antioxidants that nourishes, restores and replenishes.


Lush Veganese Conditioner


I am not very picky with my haircare, what usually drawn me to a hair products is usually the scent. I love the scent of the product. The lemon and levender is really nice and it lingers on my hair for at least a day.

The conditioner has a normal lotion consistency. It’s quite light and I need quite a bit of it to cover all my hair (almost double the amount of the Lush Rehab shampoo). It isn’t very moisturizing and it doesn’t really nourish my hair, but I like it because it doesn’t leave my hair greasy. I think this product will be great for people with oily hair.

I quite enjoy this conditioner along with the Lush Rehab Shampoo, especially for day to day use as it makes my hair feel very fresh.

Lush Veganese Conditioner
All-round lavender and lemon conditioner for all hair types. Our vegan customers have quite enough to put up with without having rough, dull, tangled hair. The majority of Lush products are vegan, but making a vegan conditioner without lanolin (from sheared sheep’s wool) took us a few years. Helen finally settled on using agar seaweed gel as a hair softener with lavender and lemons for shine. Vegans and everyone with fine hair should choose this one and stick with it.


Beauty News: Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil


Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil RRP NZ$19.90 (50ml)
Designed specifically to treat your hair and scalp with a regular hit of natural nutrients, Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil works synergistically to repair, nourish and promote healthy and luscious looking locks!

Included in this deeply-conditioning treatment are the very finest natural ingredients from biodynamic, organic and wild crafted suppliers. Organic rosemary leaf extract helps to strengthen dry and damaged hair, while organic burdock root extract revitalises and nourishes both hair and scalp.  

Suitable for use on wet or dry hair Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil can be used as a pre or post styling treatment.  It goes straight to work to restore moisture, soften split ends and add radiant shine. Dull lifeless hair is transformed from root to tip and left looking and feeling softer, smoother and more manageable, while the refreshing scent provides an overall sense of wellbeing.

1. Helps to repair dry hair
2. Provides intensive care for split ends
3. Retains and boosts hair’s natural shine
4. Ideal for a relaxing and calming scalp massage
5. Free of SLS, parabens, preservatives and artificial essences

For an immediate boost in shine and moisture to your hair’s appearance, use as an overnight replenishment treatment. Massage a small amount into scalp and brush through to ends. Wash out in the morning and style as usual. For a more intensive nourishing treatment, massage a cap full of Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil into your hair and scalp, cover with a shower cap and leave on for at least 40 minutes.  Shampoo or rinse out as desired.

For daily styling and conditioning care, apply a few drops to the ends of wet or dry hair, and leave in.



Thank you so much Clemency Alice for sending me this kit to try. They are such high quality products! I really enjoyed it!

Discover Me Kit – RRP NZ$89
A perfect way to discover the delights of Therapie, this mini home spa collection allows you to experience first hand the way Therapie works to support and nurture on every level. Immerse yourself in the purest aromatherapeutic experience that vibrationally brings you back to perfect balance.

50 ml Boost Hair and Body Wash
30 gms Himalayan Detox Salts
30 ml Equilibrium Bath and Shower Essence
30 ml Cherish Skin Repair Serum (I love this one! It is the best!)
30 ml Therapie Restore Aura Spray

My thoughts:
I think this is a great kit if you like to try out their whole line of products without breaking the bank. It also makes a great present for your mum, sisters, girlfriends or even guys out there who loves spa treatments.

I use these products together on my pamper night (usually either Friday or Saturday night), it makes me feel like I am in a luxury spa! Every products has a beautiful aromatherapy scent which helps me unwind from my busy week at work. I will review each product individually below.


Boost Hair and Body Wash (250ml) NZ$35
A clarifying shower cream that can also be used to cleanse your hair. This aromatherapeutic morning potion opens your lungs and increases circulation, provoking a natural energy boost and chasing drowsiness away. Soothing organic aloe, and refreshing, clarifying oils stimulate and animate your senses, reviving a lethargic body and mind.

Lemon myrtle and eucalyptus open the lungs, rosemary boosts circulation and sweet basil brings the mind into focus while blood orange and may chang uplift and centre.

This is accented with energizing caraway and cardamom, tingling mint and cooling spearmint to stimulate circulation and snap you out of sluggishness and lassitude.

My thoughts:
This is my least favorite out of all the products in the kit. This product comes out as a clear runny gel that doesn’t really foams up unless you use a shower puff. The herbally fruity scent is very refreshing and uplifting. The downside for me is its cleaning ability; my skin doesn’t feel like it has been cleanse properly and for the same reason, that’s why I am not keen to use it as a shampoo.



Himalayan Detox Salts (400gms) NZ$75
Designed to balance pH levels and positive/negative ions, these beautiful bath salts are made with therapeutic Himalayan pink mineral salts and essential oils, dusted with powderedamethyst. Helping to dissolve accumulated physical and emotional toxins, these fabulous ingredients combine to create a soothing, uplifting – and truly aromatherapeutic – bathing experience.

Liberating geranium and detoxifyinglemongrass combine with refreshingrosewood  to increase confidence and courage, while purifying and comfortingjuniper and soothing lavender help to unblock stagnant emotional and physical energy.

My thoughts:
I don’t take bath very often, so I use this salt to soak my hands and feet. It feels amazing when you are out for the whole day in the cold winter weather and come back home to soak your feet in a little foot bath with this soothing detox salt. I’m sure for those who like to soak in baths will love this.


Equilibrium Bath and Shower Essence (100ml) NZ$85
Equilibrium Bath and Shower Essence is designed specifically to promote internal balance and calm by relieving tension and soothing stressed nerves. It offers comfort when you are depressed, or emotionally and physically fatigued. It does this by inducing inner serenity and renewed sense of emotional balance. It can also be applied on wet skin for enhanced moisture retention and aromatic protection.

Persian Rose tones help expand the heart chakra and encourage wellbeing. Neroli, petigrain and blood orange gently sedate, helping to smooth the nerve pathways. 

Jasmine’s transcendent aroma uplifts and promotes a sensual wellness.

Alchemical fragonia, frankincense and lavender offer comfort and spiritual fortification while sandalwood is the spiritual glue that unifies and grounds.

My thoughts:
This is a serum for your body! The texture is like a face serum with a herbal scent. I use this right after I got out of my shower and when my skin was still damp and my skin drinks it up instantly. It doesn’t leave my skin sticky at all.



Cherish Skin Repair Serum (200ml) NZ$90
A combination of skin rejuvenating, moisturising and circulation-boosting ingredients that perk up devitalised skin. Cherish oil serum is especially good at times of body stress, such as sunburn or through pregnancy and it can help with the prevention of stretch marks.

The addition of aromatic ingredients are not for scent alone. They do provide the instantly alluring smell, but also include healing and regenerative geranium bourbon, moisturising patchouli, soothing neroli combined with toning grapefruit, ylang ylang and tangerine.

This delectable fragrance is suspended in a super boosted blend of carriers and CO2 extracts: tissue healing argan oil, moisturising rice bran oil, avocado oil, protecting red raspberry seed oil, softening broccoli seed oil, regenerative carrot oil, tissue and circulation boosting horse chestnut oil are further enhanced with sea buckthorn, artic blackcurrant and rosehip seed extracts to rebuild, refine and heal sun damaged skin.

My thoughts:
THIS! is my favorite product out of all the products from the kit! The consistency of this oil serum is not very thick, so a little product goes a long way and if you got yourselve a full size 200ml bottle, it will definitely last for a very long time! It smells amazing, absolutely divine!

Because this oil is so luxurious, it feels like a waste if I apply it to my body (this is because I want this 30ml bottle to last longer!). So I use this oil as my face massage oil. I put around a teaspoon of this oil in my palm, rub them together and inhale the beautiful scent for 30 seconds and then gently massage it on my face and neck. Heaven!



Therapie Restore Aura Spray (100ml) NZ$59
Restore Spray is an aromatherapeutic infusion of essential oils, crystals and Reiki.  Made up as a spritz, it’s highly charged formula instantly cleanses and rebuilds your energy field (aura). 

A blend of organic hydrosols of rose to open the heart and wild frankincense and native white sageto purify. Infused with essential oils offrankincense, wild rose and fragonia to comfort and calm. To restore clarity, oils of wild sweet orange, rosemary and cold pressed lemon.

Imbued with crystal essences to support the release of negative and blocked energy while cooling cucumber and soothing liqorice extract hydrates and softens the skin.

My thoughts:
First thing first, I love the spray bottle! It is not those ordinary spray bottle where it squirts on your face, but it will spray a fine mist that feels like the moisture in the air! Lovely!

Back to the product, this is a great facial spray whenever my face feels like a pick me up! It has an elegant scent of rose (very similar to the scent of Julique rosewater spray). I also spray this product on my neck as a light perfume from time to time when I don’t feel like wearing heavy perfume that day. Mmmmmm….

To get your hands on these amazing products, you buy them from the Clemency Alice’s website (here). She is a facialist located in Christchurch, New Zealand and she is lovely! When I visit Christchurch next time, I will definitely book myself to one of her facials.